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This is a unique and high-quality product that will reduce time and costs for A/B tests, preventing budget leakage to non-target audiences.
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Telegram Group, Chat, and Channel Parser
The TG-GIANT parser is an incredibly fast and versatile tool for collecting and processing data, creating a list of target users that match your criteria
Our program provides an excellent way to save time, allowing you to quickly prepare a database of potential contacts for your work.

The Telegram parser is user-friendly—simply choose who and where you want to analyze, and the program will take care of the rest!

Advantages of our parser:

Efficiency: Save valuable time with quick and automated data collection.
Ease of Use: The parser is user-friendly, making the process accessible to users of all levels.
Customization: Choose specific criteria and models for more accurate data collection.
Ready-Made Lists: Receive ready-made lists of users perfectly suited for invites and distribution.

Whether conducting marketing research, building a target audience, or planning marketing events, our Telegram parser is designed to optimize your workflow and increase productivity. Invest in a tool that simplifies the data collection process and provides you with actionable insights.

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